Still kissing through the phone

Still kissing through the phone

A phone showing a dating app in someone's hand.
A phone displaying a dating app is held in someone’s hand (Tero Vesalainen/ Unsplash)

Written by Fidela Mangulabnan

Although restrictions are being lifted and the opportunity to meet new people is happening once again, young people have decided to continue using dating apps as outlets to connect and find love. 

Many people have decided to turn to dating apps such as Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble, Tinder, and more to find love and fill the loneliness that might have struck during lockdown. 

However, the excitement of being able to see others face to face is followed by each person being fully vaccinated. 

Wedgbury said if he and the person he’s forming a connection with are on the same page regarding COVID-19, he doesn’t mind taking the step to meet up in person quickly. 

“Staying safe at home can still be sexy. You are your own best sex partner”


“As long as they’re not an anti-vaxxer, then I don’t mind,” said Wedgbury.

Individuals may also continue to find love on these apps despite the ability to take it offline and in person.

Dean Wedgbury, 24, met his girlfriend a few months ago on the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel. Before they decided to meet in person, they established a romantic connection through virtual dates that included playing video games together.

OkCupid discovered that 31 per cent of individuals enjoy doing a shared virtual activity together such as playing games.

Although Wedgbury is open to meeting in person right away with restrictions lifted, he mentions that “[He] likes to establish boundaries over text to see what they say and how they say stuff.” 

In April 2020, OkCupid found a 5 per cent increase in OkCupid users wanting long-term relationships followed by a 20 per cent decrease in users looking for casual hookups.

OkCupid shared that 37 percent of individuals are also admitting that they can get to know a person better through virtual dating since there is less pressure.

While people need to maintain human connection and interaction, dating apps such as Grindr made an Instagram post to ensure hookup culture takes a pause by posting “Staying safe at home can still be sexy. You are your own best sex partner.” 

December 3, 2021

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