Forbes wants you to know about this sustainable Canadian clothing brand, Kotn
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Forbes wants you to know about this sustainable Canadian clothing brand, Kotn

TORONTO – A 2018 United Nations report found that the fashion industry emits 10 per cent of
annual greenhouse gas emissions. A Canadian clothing brand, Kotn, covered by Forbes, wants
you to know that you can buy sustainable, ethically sourced clothing and not break the bank.

The fashion industry has historically been a culprit for unfair work practices and high emissions. Kotn is doing things differently by working with family-run farms, keeping safety in mind, practicing fair trade, giving back to the community and doing their part to lower carbon emissions. (Kimberly Vardeman/ Flickr)

Kotn, formed in 2015 by Rami Helali, Benjamin Sehl, and Mackenzie Yeates, uses Egyptian
cotton due to its quality and strength for its products. All three founders were featured in 2018’s
Forbes “30 Under 30” in the retail and commerce category.

Kotn’s official website states that it works with natural fibres from Egypt and Portugal that come
from “family-run farms,” while ensuring “direct-trade practices, above fair pay, and safe
working conditions,” eliminating the need for a middleman.

Kotn is a certified B Corp company, meaning they voluntarily meet high standards of
transparency, accountability and performance while reducing negative impacts their company
makes on the environment.

Kotn works closely with 2,390 small-holder farmers, ensuring the farmers get fair and equal
wages, work in safe conditions, and invest money back into the community by building schools
and providing education to children in Egypt, including the children of the farmers they work

Kotn’s website mentions their environmentally conscious water-efficient dying method, and their
factories and farmers being located within a 400-kilometre radius from one another to ensure
minimal carbon emissions during transportation.

Jasmine Kaur, 22, a frequent Kotn customer says, “I’ve always been into buying locally made
and ethically sourced items, so when I found Kotn on Twitter, I was really excited to support

Kaur says she is a university student working part-time, leaving little extra money to spend on
clothes, but finds Kotn’s prices affordable for its quality and product longevity. “They’re
obviously not making clothes with ridiculously cheap prices like Forever 21, but their prices are
comparable to stores like Aritzia and Zara and you’re getting better quality.”

Kaur says that Kotn makes great staple pieces that can be used for years. “Kotn doesn’t follow
current fast fashion trends, but their clothes are still very fashionable. They have different kinds
of jeans, sweatshirts and tops that are fashionable now and will be fashionable in 10 or 15 years

Kotn’s prices range from $10 to $278, without any sales coupon added.

Kaur mentions that Kotn has a lot of sales throughout the year, saving her a lot of money.

“I spend the same amount on the same type of clothes from Kotn that I did with clothes from
Zara,” says Kaur.

“Kotn’s clothes are affordable and will last a lifetime, it’s worth it and it’s causing less harm to
the planet simultaneously.”

November 22, 2021

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