Trump Refuses To Accept His Defeat
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Trump Refuses To Accept His Defeat

American states are forced to recount votes after Trump’s allegations of Fraud

Ryerson students share their opinions on Trump’s refusal to concede (RSJ/Vincent Tran)

Multimedia by: Mariam Nouser

Video by: Vincent Tran

By: Clesha Felicien

Multiple states including Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania recounted their votes after Donald Trump claimed voter fraud. 

Mark Cruz, a history student at Ryerson University, said Trump’s behaviour was an embarrassment to the U.S.

 “The fact that he was the President for four years and is going around making these false accusations is beyond unprofessional for someone who is supposed to represent the most influential country on earth,” said Cruz.

Myrna Perez of the Brennan Center for Justice had a hard time believing Trump’s claims. In her article titled, “ Why These New Election Lawsuits Will Fail” Perez explained Trump’s allegations. 

“ The Trump Campaign alleged that all of 53 possibly late arriving ballots were placed on the same table with timely arriving ballots,” wrote Perez.

Donald Trump filed over four lawsuits in an attempt to prolong his presidency (image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The analysis piece stated the judge in Georgia found “no evidence” regarding Trump’s allegations of fraud.

A third-year engineering student, Isaiah Rivera, said  this was just an excuse for Donald Trump’s loss.

“This is his last ditch attempt to try and hold onto the presidency in the United States,” said Rivera.

Donald Trump is the first president that has refused to concede and accept his defeat. 

“The basis of American democracy is that we pick our leaders — our leaders do not pick their voters. And there’s nothing that frivolous lawsuits from any political candidate can do to change that,” said Perez.

November 20, 2020

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