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How COVID-19 changed the way we celebrate Remembrance Day

The pandemic has made public Remembrance Day ceremonies impossible, but communities across Canada found ways to adapt.

Video: Communities make adjustments to their Remembrance Day ceremonies due to COVID-19 (RSJ/Gabrielle Laws)

Video by Gabrielle Laws

Multimedia by Amany Abubaker

By Jacob Mack

Local Remembrance Day ceremonies all across Canada looked very different this year as a result of the current pandemic.

Ceremonies across the country were altered to fit public health guidelines.

The local chapter of the Royal Canadian Legion placed wreaths at the Cenotaph in Richmond Hill on Sunday, they asked people who visited the site to stay for no longer than fifteen minutes.

“I come here twice a day,” said Alaïn Levesque. “And I salute them. I read them their name, and I try to access their stories through the Legion”.

The Richmond Hill ceremony was invite only, and the Royal Canadian Legion asked the public not to attend local ceremonies.

RSJ/Gabrielle Laws – The Canadian flag flying over the remembrance day ceremony in Richmond Hil

 Some Legions started live streaming events to help people stay in touch with their local chapters. 

“I know that for hours that we did on Sunday, we live streamed it and we actually had a former member that lives now out West was able to watch,” said Crystal Cook, the District 5 Commander for the Legion. “She sent us a note say how nice it was to see what her old branch was doing and to see some of the people that she had become friends with.”

Other communities all across the country also adapted their celebrations in light of the pandemic.

November 13, 2020

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