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Why ‘Bubble Dining’ Pods Are A Terrible Idea for transmitting COVID-19

Video by: Jacob Mack

By: Amany Abubaker

Restaurants planning on making new adjustments to keep their businesses open for the winter Jacob Mack/RSJ

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant restrictions on indoor dining, and as a result, patios have become a lifeline for many restaurants. 

But as the weather gets colder, some of the restaurants have made adjustments to their patios that raise the question, where do we draw the line between indoor and outdoor dining? 

“Obviously if you’re eating with someone you’re not gonna have your face covered, obviously if you’re eating with someone, you’re in close proximity with the people at your table, and you’re probably in close proximity with people at other tables so it all comes down to the ventilation,” said Dr. Nicholas King, Professor of Epidemiology at Mcgill University.

Samuel Engelking/Nowtoronto The bubble dining by the lake at Against The Grain.

Toronto guidelines say that tents must have at least two sides open to the outside. But at Tuesday’s city council meeting, councillor Shelley Caroll pushed for clearer, more specific rules on tents, and similar outdoor dining protections.

Toronto city councillor ward 17’s Shelley Caroll said that “it’s not just a matter of the domes is it. As soon as you start to put those plastic shields down, you’ve made an indoor inclosure.”

Caroll’s motion for clearer rules passed unanimously, and some patios will likely have to open up the elements to meet the standards. 

So if you’re thinking of dining out this winter, maybe consider bringing along a blanket. 

Countries around the world are also finding new ways for people to dine at restaurants year-round.

Multimedia by: Gabrielle Laws/RSJ

October 30, 2020

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